Older properties can require some extra care and attention. With over 50 years experience in the renovation of older and listed properties, we can provide a sympathetic approach to restoring your home with these traditional methods.  We are trained and experienced in the application of lime-based materials, and ready to help you restore your home the right way!

Lime Rendering 

Unfortunately many older properties are often restored with inappropriate, cement-based materials. These materials can prevent your home from being able to 'breathe', resulting in a build-up of moisture.

Lime Plastering

Similar to Lime Render, Lime Plaster helps to manage moisture in older properties. It is also more 'flexible' than modern methods, meaning it allows for movement. 

Lath and Plaster

A traditional method of finishing interior walls, lath and plaster involves squeezing lime plaster between narrow strips of wood, or laths. Historically, the lime plaster contained horse hair to help hook onto the laths.

Limecrete flooring

As with lime plastering and rendering, Limecrete flooring helps to insulate and manage moisture in older properties. Using this sympathetic approach prevents moisture being pushed into surrounding walls, which can then result in further issues.